Soviet Visuals is a catalog of visual ideas from behind the Iron Curtain.

The Soviet Union was in many ways an artificial entity: the goals that it had ultimately set for itself – to build a fair, prosperous society without exploitation and violence, have not been achieved. For decades, the Soviet regime held the largest country in the world under control. Various tactics were used to achieve this, many of which sadly involved cruelty and sophisticated propaganda.

In spite of all kinds of hardships, the lives of ordinary Soviet people unfolded every day, complete with their own joys and frustrations. The USSR was home to nearly 300 million people of exceptional social and ethnic diversity: a real melting pot of different cultures. Many of these people were extremely talented.

There were many who could not realise their full potential when faced with state repression and terror. Others, having to adapt to the existing environment, had to make harsh trade-offs in order to save at least a part of their creations. Of some, no memory is left.

And yet, notwithstanding the ideological and political constraints, countless truly amazing discoveries and remarkable insights were made in the USSR.

Generations of Soviet people found creative solutions to complex problems and came up with uniquely new technologies and original artwork. Many of these continue to serve as sources of guidance and inspiration to the leading creators of today.

A curious look at the creative artefacts of the Soviet past can help us to find unexpected answers to today’s challenges.


*Once in a while, we feature the occasional pre & post-Soviet visual.

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