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“Potato Toys” is the name of this 1931 Soviet book featuring a whole array of delightful illustrations depicting DIY toys made out of no other than potatoes. The text on the book’s cover states that its original price is 10 kopecks and that it is illustrated by artist A.Fedulov.

On the cover, we see a very focused potato comrade driving his potatomobile. As the book unfolds, additional characters emerge…

Take a look at some of these potato creations below and get inspired (it even comes with instructions on how to make your own!)

The cover:



A traditional Russian Samovar complete with 2 potato teacups:

A potato fisherman deep in thoughts:

Potatoman searching for mushrooms:

Young potato friends at play:

Instructions on how to make your own: “Find appropriate potatoes and wash well. Cut them using a penknife. Make arms, legs, necks and tails out of matches or sticks. Roll a piece of paper and make the handles for the samovar and kettle. Use matches to fix the potatoes together.”

Brave potatoman on a horse:

Reading a newspaper with his pet potatodog (?):

We’re not quite sure about this one. Looks like a sportman doing his morning exercise:

Sad potatodog with his doghouse:

Comrade potato taking his child for a walk:




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